Various Uses Of The LED Bar Light

Various Uses Of The LED Bar Light


Police Light bars are the most equipped and modern lighting equipment available these PHILIPS Street lighting

days, and have advanced technology which makes them adapt to different situations. LED bar light is available in a variety of different sizes that can be used with many different vehicles including fire trucks, construction vehicles and towing vehicles. These consist of LED lights that emit highly powerful beams that can be seen from a long distance. The LED bars can have many blocks of LED light bulbs that can be programmed into various different flash patterns which are discernible even in the most dense traffic conditions.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of LED bar light, the size of the bar matters a lot. The bigger LED bars have more number of LED lights and therefore are more powerful. They are usually used in bigger vehicles like emergency trucks, fire trucks, and ambulances. Mid-sized bars can be seen on top of police cars, and other emergency response vehicles. Smaller bars, or mini light bars are very versatile and can be used with almost all kinds of emergency vehicles. They can be mounted on the roofs of the vehicles, on the dash boards, side panels and also backs of the vehicles. These mini bars are very light in weight and have the advantage of portability. They can easily be carried along when there is need to lighten up dark places, and provide additional lighting sources. They can easily be recharged from the car batteries and they are long-lasting, so they are perfect accompaniment to patrolling cars.

LED bar light is available in many different colors, and most common colors are red, blue, orange and yellow. Fire trucks use the amber lights extensively and red mini bar lights around the trucks. Towing trucks, construction vehicles, snow removal vehicles, parking meter checking vehicles, and other service vehicles use these lights to demand the right of way under high traffic conditions. Red and blue lights are exclusive to cop cars however, and the light bars are almost always mounted on the roof of the vehicles. Hand held bars are usually smaller in size and can be concealed within the vehicle in case of unmarked cop cars.

LED bar light with traffic advisers and blink patterns are used under many circumstances including emergency road maintenance, traffic control and efficient alert systems under emergencies on roads. Traffic advisers are not easily portable and usually can be fixed to the vehicles on the roof top. In case of models that have a stand, they can be mounted on the back of the open trucks, and stationed at the emergency area. For portable options, mini light bars with multiple inbuilt flash patterns is ideal. They are also good for volunteer vehicles to carry around in case of an emergency calls, since they are not allowed


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