Top Ten Colognes

Top Ten Colognes


The Top Ten Most Popular Colognes

From classy fragrances to trendy designer labels, the most popular colognes portray individual personalities. The choices include fresh scented or natural fragrances, manly vanilla cologne  spicy scents, and wispy clean or musky aromas that suit a wide spectrum of individual tastes.

Each style of cologne contains a unique character that creates a pleasing reaction for some people but may seem repelling to others. The true test comes when the fragrance is applied to check body chemistry and evaluate the lingering effect of the cologne. Packaging and name recognition also add to the complexity of choosing the best men’s cologne but a few popular products continue to make the top ten list.

Many types of cologne have been in production for years and patrons who purchase these fragrances are often resistant to change. The combination of enjoying the scent and receiving complements triggers the desire to continue to use these classic fragrances. Buyers in this category will often pay more for the product because of the lasting value and consistent quality.

The Top Classic Colognes

  1. Aqua Di Gio by Armani has been a worldwide top seller since 1995. Considered a casual fragrance, the main notes include citrus, rosemary and jasmine. Any product by Armani appeals to the well-dressed and meticulous consumer.
  2. Burberry Touch by Burberry, known for high quality clothing and coats, attracts buyers who enjoy a noticeable yet classic fragrance. The scent combines spicy notes like nutmeg and vanilla with a subtle musky tone. Consumers who enjoy this cologne prefer an invigorating and lasting fragrance that is easily recognized as a Burberry product.
  3. Dolce & Gabbana for Homme won awards after its release in 1994 and still ranks in the top selling categories. Truly masculine, the tones of this fragrance include woods, spices and tobacco. This cologne creates an elegant and sophisticated appeal and may be a popular choice for a dressy occasion.

The Top Celebrity Designer Colognes



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