Top Reasons to Choose Tiles Over Other Products for Your Home

 Top Reasons to Choose Tiles Over Other Products for Your Home


There are a various reasons why we should actually choose tiles over other products for our homes.

  1. Hygiene

Tiles are actually very hygienic. Carpets and any other coverings trap mites, germ and dirt  lowes tile within the carpets and other coverings, between fibers. They do not give off odors or attract dirt. They are also pretty easy to clean. In fact a few tile grouts are known to have anti-bacterial properties.

  1. Non-allergenic

Dust and mites are not harbored by tiles.

  1. Hard-wearing

Lasting much longer than paint and carpets, tiles are hard wearing and don’t fade easily.

  1. Fresh

A “fresh” feeling is always around with tiles.

  1. Versatile

Including stairs and outdoor patios, every room of the house can be benefitted by tiles.

  1. Resistant to water

Withstanding a huge range of water damage, tiles are ideal to withstanding water damage.

  1. Added value

Value and extra appeal, are the gifts tiles bringing to your homes.

  1. Comfort

Tiles actually absorb and retain heat, thus being comfortable enough to walk on. They are energy efficient too. Acting as thermal mass they help in keeping energy levels on a balance.

  1. Efficient Heating



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