Tips and Thoughts About Searching For Relics

 Tips and Thoughts About Searching For Relics


Searching for treasure, especially old treasure, is an exciting hobby. It can also be very profitable if you make some good finds! The use of a metal detector has become a search antiques  pretty common means to search for treasure these days. There are so many different aspects to hunting for treasure, but one of the most exciting is relic metal detecting.

A relic can be so many things. By Webster’s dictionary, a relic can be “an old thing surviving from the past” in other words, anything old. Not just coins. Some of the different things you might find include… An old wagon wheel hub, eating utensils, a pot (the ones that are filled with coins are great!), knife blades, plow tips, axe heads, and old steel traps… that’s what makes hunting for relics so much fun, you never know what you’ll find!

Of course, finding areas to hunt for relics can be difficult at times, but if you keep you’re eyes open, interesting things might become visible to you! Burn sites of old buildings are excellent sources for relic metal detecting. Old road cuts through the woods or along the side of creeks can yield relics of various sorts. These roads can also lead you to old home sites! If you want to look for a real treasure “jackpot” you might need to do more research to find places to hunt…

Do some history study to find likely spots. History?! Well, that’s what you’re dealing with when you treasure hunt, right? So, you’d better start liking history! The best place to start in your history research is your local library. Libraries are great resources because of the local genealogies and area information that is kept there. Another place to look for clues is the county courthouse archives, which could provide even more in-depth information.

Another way to get info is to talk to local people that have been in the area for a w



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