Psalms for the Purposes and Seasons of Your Life


Sonnets of confirmation, for certainty, for otherworldly dependability, for reaction, for divine sympathy; for the reasons for God in our lives: these are the scriptural Psalms. These pieces of Scripture in all actuality do effortlessly bring us through the excursion of life, and, per this idea, can help through each age and stage, and each reason and time of life.


My proposition is this: there are four wide times of life: 1) spring (ages 15-28); summer (29-44); pre-winter (45-69); winter (70+). Every one of the seasons is longer than the final remaining one, God-willing, to the extent that that praises itself to the last season. All through every one of life’s seasons there are four purposes: 1) the supporting motivation behind personality; 2) the rousing reason for development; 3) the structure reason for Psalm 20 kjv ; and, 4) the caring motivation behind inheritance. This large number of objects are urgent for the experience of trust throughout everyday life.


Through each season and in each design there’s a hymn that will help as in that phase of life. Here are my ideas:




Song 139 lets us know that we are interesting, hand-created by God, and commendable as any other person is to carry on with this life. It’s a character hymn. As we think over it, during any time of life, truth be told, it sustains a feeling of uncommonness in us.


During “spring” we are growing an incredible arrangement, but on the other hand we’re contributing and leaving an inheritance. Hymn 19 is an insight song that addresses us in our childhood. Hymn 18 reminds us, in its length, of the significance of civil rights; of making a commitment. Song 51 provides us with an approach to apologizing; a heritage for the resulting times of life.




Hymn 1 is a regal song that should be our apothegm in the going out and getting back home of summer life. It helps us to remember who we endlessly shouldn’t connect with; and what we ought to continuously do: think deeply about the Word of God. This song supports our character in a critical time of commitment in our lives.


Song 25 will keep us arriving at high for development during the more sizzling a long time of life. Hymn 49 is another insight song that helps us to remember the imprudence of abundance, so we could make worthier commitments to life. Hymn 127 is a heritage song reminding us where our endeavors leave enduring outcomes – in and through our kids – and where our endeavors may be squandered.




Summer isn’t the most ideal time of life; pre-winter is. The years 45 through 69 (generally talking) are where point of view is accomplished, and less of life is squandered in hustle. Personality, here, is supported by the exemplary Psalm 15. This song could really support our character of trustworthiness through each time of life. On the off chance that we do what Psalm 15 compliments for us to do, we will be honored!


Song 91 fills us with the affirmation of God’s matchless Presence, through the whole life expectancy. It’s a luxuriously warm hymn for proceeded with development directly into “winter.” Psalm 27 provides us with the certainty of summer in fall when we may be feeling our age. Song 78 is a long hymn intended to get us out of life and reflecting over God’s decency and significance over the historical backdrop of his relationship with Israel. This passing-the-twirly doo hymn rouses us to leave a commendable heritage.




The Psalm of Moses (Psalm 90) is a viewpoint hymn ideal, once more, to stick our personalities to. This hymn stays with us and in us as we think back over a long life lived.


There is still development to be had, a commitment to make, as well as an inheritance to leave in our colder time of year years. Hymn 37 is an uplifting song in the insight set for when we feel feeble; it urges us to develop. Song 71 instructs us that God will not spurn us when we’re old and dim – we actually have a commitment to make. Hymn 23 helps us to remember God’s Presence as our inheritance is changed from our life through the entry of, and then some, our demise. Our presence stays with our friends and family as his Presence does.




So through the times of life come the motivations behind life. Life is packed loaded with reason all through each age.

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