Improve Your Children’s Confidence – Introduce Them to the World of Books and Reading

 Improve Your Children’s Confidence – Introduce Them to the World of Books and Reading


Do you have a child who suffers from a lack of confidence, has perhaps been badly frightened by some terrifying experience and has withdrawn into themselves, ancient wisdom  and now finds very little joy in their world? Introducing them to the world of books and reading can often be the path to lead them back to a life of fun and laughter.

I find it very sad to see a child who withdraws and doesn’t want to join in and play with other children, a child who doesn’t think they are good enough to be friends with the most popular kids and sometimes, a child who doesn’t think they deserve to be loved. This is a tragic situation.

So what can you do to help, to open their eyes to fun and adventure? Reading books can be the answer! There are so many good books available that cater for all age groups and all situations, you’re sure to find something to meet to the needs of the child you love.

Perhaps start with fiction and get a book with a main character that your child can relate to in some way. A story in which the young hero or heroine overcomes some obstacles to go on an amazing adventure! Or perhaps a story where another character is saved from coming to harm! When you read a story like this to your child, or discuss it with them, you can relate the experience to a situation in their own life and this can help the child to start seeing themselves in a new light and build their confidence.

Activities books are fun, too especially if you find one of special interest to your child. Perhaps a coloring or sticker book of a popular TV character for young ones, or model making for older children. “How things work” books cater to kids’ natural urge to learn. More suggestions are books about a favorite hobby, stories about sporting heroes or faraway places on the other side of the world. Children are never too young to start learning that there are people who look different, dress differently and eat different foods but are still just people, the same as them.

Whatever you choose for your child, involve yourself with them. Make it a regular occasion and make it a special time for you both. Be



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