How to Make a Chicken Hutch Quickly  

 How to Make a Chicken Hutch Quickly


The first condition for successful farming family, is to offer your birds a healthy housing. Especially chickens. They fear heat, humidity and air currents. Francostone  That’s why a chicken coop is needed in every farm.

It’s basically a house where chickens are help to keep them safe.

Building one is simple. Just make sure to it has those two components: Nest boxes which serve as a container for the chicken’s egg and perches which are basically what the chickens sleep in.

The secret in making a great chicken coop is by using the following materials: Woods, stone and cinder blocks. These are the traditional materials and they are by far the best choice for the project because of excellent insulating properties. Another reason for using wood is because it’s easy to work with and it will come out prettier than concrete at the end. Just make sure the planks are at least 20 mm thick. Then paint them. The painting will ensure the woods a longer life span.

One major mistake to avoid is how to built the roof of your chicken hutch. Please, do not make a roof out of iron tiles. Aside from their unattractiveness, they will cause the chicken coop to be extremely cold in the winter and super hot in the summer.

That’s not very healthy way to raise the chickens. If you are forced to use them for financial reasons, build underneath a wooden ceiling on which you can place a style sheet polyester insulation and cover with wood for protection. Trust me, the hens will love it.



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