How-To Design Vinyl Banners for Your Real Estate Agency

Whether you work for a large real estate brokerage or you’re part of an independent agency, you have to promote the business to be successful. Yard signs are the staple of the real estate industry, but vinyl banners are a great product to use as well. They are affordable and can easily be customized with your unique agency information Real Estate Agency in Bangkok . There are a few important things to consider when designing a banner to promote your real estate agency, so here’s a guide to help with the process:

Banner Size

Exactly how big does your real estate banner need to be? Measure the area where you’d like to display it to get a better understanding of your size constraints. If you don’t know where to hang the banner, at least consider how you are going to use it. You’ll likely be displaying this banner outside in front of your office or one of your houses, so it will need to be seen from a distance. Most sign companies can accommodate custom sizes, but you’ll want an outdoor banner to be at least 3’x6′ or larger so viewers can see it from far away. A good rule of thumb is that every 1″ of text can be read from up to 10′ away, so keep this in mind when choosing the size of your banner.


Now you can write your banner’s message. You’ll want to display the name of your real estate agency and provide your contact information so that potential buyers and sellers know who to call when they need to buy or sell a home. Keep your competitors in mind, however, as they’re probably doing the same thing on their advertising banners. Write something unique and attention-grabbing so that you’re the agent people call when they’re in the housing market. Just don’t go overboard, as too much text might confuse the reader.


When it comes to font selection, choose one that is simple and bold, and make it as large as your banner’s size will allow. The larger the text, the further away it can be seen. As for a color scheme, if you’re part of a brokerage (i.e. Keller Williams, Century 21, Coldwell Banker), you’ll need to use their brand colors to be in compliance-they can provide you the specific color codes to guarantee it will match. If you’re an independent, use a simple color scheme with high contrast (light background/dark text or vice versa), as this will make your custom banner much easier to read. If you have a high-resolution headshot, incorporate that into your design as well so that your customers can put a face with your name. This makes you look more honest and trustworthy.

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