From Novice to Pro: Bitget’s Tiered Account System Explained

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has designed a tiered account system to cater to traders of varying experience levels and trading volumes. This system offers users a progression from novice to pro, with each tier unlocking additional features, benefits, and trading capabilities. Understanding Bitget’s tiered account system is essential for traders seeking to make the most of their trading experience on the platform.

The Tiered Account Structure

bitget tiered account structure consists of multiple levels, each designed to provide traders with specific advantages and privileges based on their trading activities and volume. The tiers typically include:

  1. Starter: The entry-level tier is designed for novice traders who are just starting their trading journey. The Starter tier provides basic features and access to the platform’s trading functionalities.
  2. Standard: As traders become more active, they can progress to the Standard tier. This tier often unlocks additional trading pairs, advanced charting tools, and increased order limits.
  3. Advanced: The Advanced tier is for traders who have gained experience and confidence in their trading strategies. Traders at this level may receive benefits like reduced trading fees, enhanced customer support, and exclusive market analysis.
  4. Pro: The Pro tier is tailored for experienced and high-volume traders. It may offer even lower trading fees, priority customer support, and advanced risk management tools.

Advantages of Bitget’s Tiered Account System

  1. Customization: The tiered account system allows traders to choose a level that aligns with their experience and trading goals. This customization ensures that traders have access to the tools and features they need without unnecessary complexities.
  2. Progression: Novice traders can use the Starter tier to learn the basics of trading while gradually moving up the tiers as their skills improve. This progressive approach helps traders grow at their own pace.
  3. Tailored Features: Each tier comes with specific features designed to meet the needs of traders at that level. This ensures that traders can access functionalities that match their expertise.
  4. Incentives: As traders move up the tiers, they often receive incentives such as reduced trading fees, better customer support, and access to educational resources. These incentives motivate traders to continue improving their skills.

Navigating the Tiered System

  1. Registration: To begin, traders need to register on the bitget platform.
  2. Account Verification: Depending on the tier, traders may need to complete a verification process to meet regulatory requirements.
  3. Trading Volume: Traders’ account tiers are often determined by their trading volume over a specific period. As trading volumes increase, traders may be eligible for higher tiers.
  4. Upgrade Process: Traders who meet the requirements for a higher tier can usually request an upgrade through the platform’s account settings.


Bitget’s tiered account system is designed to accommodate traders at various levels of experience and expertise. From novice to pro, each tier offers specific benefits and features that align with traders’ evolving needs. By progressing through the tiers, traders can access tools, reduced fees, and enhanced support that enable them to make more informed trading decisions and improve their overall trading experience on the Bitget platform.

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