Finding A Lifestyle Block In New Zealand

 Finding A Lifestyle Block In New Zealand



For most New Zealanders, living the dream means raising a family, finding a job you love and owning your own home. With the property market in the state that it’s in and the urban centres proving to be a less viable option for investment every year that passes, many are choosing to move away from the larger cities to smaller towns, rural areas driveway gates  and new developments. Lifestyle blocks are extremely popular, offering families the freedoms that come with more space and lower costs compared to central urban living.

Finding the perfect lifestyle block

As well as the extra size, many choose lifestyle blocks for the added ability to raise livestock and grow their own crops. You’re going to need to have some idea of what you’re looking for before you start your hunt – do a bit of research into each property and make sure it’s adequately equipped with what you need. Make sure you pay special attention to the following requirements so you don’t get stuck with a bad investment.


Depending on how far out from the main centres you choose to go and what you’re looking to do with your land, water can be a serious concern. Make sure that you’re looking at somewhere that has a good water supply and a well or roof water storage system in place.


Do you want just enough room for the home builders in New Zealand to construct your dream home with a bit of backyard space or are you looking at keeping some cattle and a few sheep on the property too? Just one horse needs close to an acre of space to run around in, and you’ll be looking at adding expensive fencing for other animals if there isn’t already some in place. It doesn’t have to be huge, but you do need to consider any future plans that you have for your land.



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