10 Important Points for the PMP Exam

 10 Important Points for the PMP Exam


Dear Friends, The PMP Exam is not easy. But it is not hard too, specially if you understand what they want to test you on.

To pass the PMP exam, you need to have some key points ingrained in your mind forever.  ISO 50001 Certification Consultants in Saudi Arabia   These points are used again and again in the PMP Exam Questions. Nothing difficult… Just simple principles, and once you understand them, you will be better prepared for the revised PMP exam.

Here are 10 Very Important Points to remember for your PMP Exam:

  1. The project manager is empowered and has ultimate authority and accountability for a project. Therefore, the Project Manager must always be proactive, and look for areas of improvement, and communicate all the time, with all the key stakeholders. Be prepared to make decisions quickly, proactively, and solve problems quickly, directly, and effectively. People look upon you for direction and leadership.
  2. Projects should be strategically aligned with the high-level strategic objectives of the organization. This improves the chances of the project success. Do not include any changes to the project, which do not align to the corporate vision, as they will take up valuable time and resources. Get clarity from the Change Control Board (CCB) if required. The Sponsor or Client should be part of the CCB.
  3. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) forms the basis of all estimating and project planning. This is part of Scope Management. Many people confuse the WBS to be part of the Time Management Knowledge Area. Beware! The WBS is an extremely useful tool in clarifying the scope of the project. Because it is like a org chart ( and looks like a picture), it is easy to find any missing areas, are identify blind spots in the requirements.
  4. Project Managers spend almost 90% of their tim



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