Joomla, Open Source Christmas Present for this Web Master!

 Joomla, Open Source Christmas Present for this Web Master!



Joomla is an open source CMS framework (CMS represents

Content Management System). I’m presently utilizing Joomla to foster various themed sites. There is a Christmas site, a Webmaster toulouse formula site and a movement site. Joomla has adjusted pleasantly to every one of these subjects.


For the most part CMS frameworks are incredibly expensive

what’s more fairly complex to utilize. I’ve viewed Joomla as very simple to utilize

what’s more now a month into utilizing it I am truly beginning to see the value in it. In the event that

you don’t want to utilize a basic page advancement device and restricting

pages together the hard way, then, at that point, you should take a gander at a CMS framework. From what

I’ve found, Joomla is by all accounts pushing ahead the fastest. I’m

at present utilizing variant 1.0.11 which is the most recent of the 1.0 line.


Never utilize 1.0 programming, that is everything individuals will say to you and for

the most part, that is valid. Anyway on account of Joomla we should

keep in mind (or maybe I must instruct you) that Joomla’s foundations

(essentially the 1.0 rendition) are in another CMS framework Mambo. Indeed, if

you know about Mambo, Joomla will be natural (and the

reverse way around).


Joomla is coordinated in menus, segments, classes and things. It

fits together similar to this (general, recollect this isn’t a book,

it’s an article). A menu can connection to a segment, class or thing in a

number of ways (table, list, and so on) A segment can connection to a classification. A

classification can connection to various things. Along these lines, on the off chance that you really want to arrange

your site by menu’s or tabs, this is great. Obviously there is a lot

more to joomla than that, yet that is the primary thing you’ll wind up

doing…just as I did.


Joomla expansions, layouts, modules, parts

One of

the things I love about Joomla is the wide variety of modules and

formats accessible for it, both business and free. I tracked down a site, which has a huge load of these things (north of 200 openly

downloadable layouts). I observed one that was proper for each of

my destinations and with a little adjustment (you are permitted to alter most

layouts as they’re essential for the GPL) GNU Public License, or LGPL

(lesser GNU public permit).


Parts that I am utilizing are the metataggenerator part

(downloaded) and the SEO part (permitting more Google decipherable url’s

for my site. Additionally, similar to I said I’m utilizing a distinctively downloaded

(also actually altered) layout for every one of my locales. My locales are

Christmas, Recipes and Travel. There are a couple more, however why go into

those subtleties.


Assuming you go to, you can really test drive the product. I did this

prior to setting up the christmas site. I needed to be certain that joomla was ideal for me.

They’ve set up a joomla based server and give you a demo record to

play with. This is extraordinary to figure out the product. I think the

site gets reset at regular intervals or something, so don’t expect your

content to remain there. Likewise, if it’s not too much trouble, if it’s not too much trouble, cease from spamming on

this site! The joomla people have been adequate to give us an incredible

item and allowed us to give it a shot live, kindly don’t exploit



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