Gaining From Nadab and Abihu’s Profane Fire

 Gaining From Nadab and Abihu’s Profane Fire


“By the individuals who draw close to me, I should be viewed as blessed; and before every one individuals, I should be celebrated” (Lev. 10:3).


Could what befell Nadab and Abihu be called result of obliviousness or hardheadedness? Does this not look like what befell opensea  Adam in the Garden of Eden? Is it true or not that they were not given sufficient guidance concerning the tasks of the sanctuary? Without a doubt, God gave sufficient guidance to Aaron and his children concerning their capacities in the sanctuary (Lev. 10:1-11).


Clearly, they offered an abnormal fire in light of the fact that the sacred text says they were not told to do as such. This act is noncompliance, it is insubordination and it is untrustworthiness unto the Lord.


The issue was not the fire, but rather how and under what condition was the fire advertised. The accompanying fakes need replies before we can close what turned out badly and how to stay away from this sort of circumstance.


  1. Was there any order to make the fire? (Lev. 10:1)
  2. What was the wellspring of the fire utilized?
  3. Was the fire made at the right planning? (Lev.16:2)
  4. What was the demeanor of Nadab and Abihu when the fire was made? (Lev. 10:8-9
  5. What was the aim of them that made the fire?
  6. Was their plan for confidence?
  7. Was the fire proposed to laud God? (Lev. 10:3)


We realize that they were not directed, that is to the point of drawing in the wroth of God. Notwithstanding, fizzling in any of the above fakes would have disrespect the guidance of a heavenly God. Thusly, the fire offered was foul since it was made of their own will. It was self-commending and not really for God. This is an intolerable offense. Samuel called it, insubordination – which is black magic and determination – which is worshipful admiration (1Sam 15:23).


Another likely sin deduced separated from rebellion is the demeanor that Nadab and Abihu could be while completing this capacity. They were possible alcoholic. This can be construed from the assertion shared with Aaron following the episode of the demise of his children.


“Furthermore the LORD spake unto Aaron, saying, Do not drink wine nor solid beverage, thou, nor thy children with you, when ye go into the sanctuary of the gathering, in case ye kick the bucket: it will be a rule for ever all through your ages” (Lev. 10:8-9).


Could this be the reason for their passing, working or directing within the sight of God affected by inebriating drink? Might be or not: notwithstanding, this fills in as advance notice to priests of the expression of God not to come to the presence of the Lord or releasing their obligation affected by anything besides of the Holy Ghost.


Inebriation in some cases may not be in type of drink; be that as it may, one can be tanked with drug, power, avarice, outrage, sex, opinion or any compulsion. An inebriated priest or offspring of God needs acumen; such wouldn’t have the option to


  • Recognize blessed and unholy
  • Recognize spotless and messy
  • Show the assembly the right expression of God
  • Really look at blasphemy and indecency in the congregation
  • Save the assembly from God’s fury and annihilation


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